What to expect when you come to St. Ann's

St. Ann's, an Episcopal Church, has a variety of worship practices; some traditional, others new and evolving. If you’re unfamiliar with Episcopal worship, it might seem different to you in some ways, but as Episcopalians who grew up in other churches will testify, it takes only a service or two to feel right at home.

At St. Ann’s we try to make the service meaningful to all with an easy-to-follow bulletin and straightforward guidance about what comes next. We love our church and our worship, and want to share it.

Generally in the Sunday service, we will sing, pray, listen to scripture, hear a sermon, and celebrate communion together. Our services have some formal parts and some casual parts, but we invite everyone to come as they are (in casual dress or Sunday best), and see for yourself. 

Children are included in the worship of the church, and there is a table up front in the church to help kids see and hear better (there are also crayons and paper for those times when they need something to do!).

Parking is available on Jackson Street or in the church lot, or in the Centegra South Street facility parking lot accessible via the stairway at the South end of the St. Ann's parking lot.