A pondering from The Rev. Lynn White, Priest Associate


We have an acquaintance by the name of Jennifer Gunn. Jennifer is the principle piccolo soloist for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, no small achievement. There are few works written for any lengthy major piccolo solos. However, Conductor Riccardo Muti found one and invited her to play it. Jennifer has been practicing and working toward the debut for almost a year.

A friend of hers planned a soiree in honor of Jennifer for her friends and family following the first performance. Most regrettably, dare I say, crushingly like a punch to the solar plexus, days before her debut, the Symphony went on strike. The concert was cancelled.

Friends and family had flown into town for the concert and were invited to a soiree to celebrate with her. Potpourri favors had been created as small gifts for each guest in order to sweeten the memory of the event. I felt as if the wind had been taken out of Jennifer’s sails, hardly a time to celebrate. Then our hostess was inspired. She made tags for each favor which read,


      -No Matter What-

So, people gathered and laughed with their tears and planned for another celebratory gathering next year. All was not lost. Now there would be two parties instead of one.

While “Celebrate! No Matter What” are not words of scripture, they could be. We have just relived Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem. We walked each painful step with him, reliving the crowds, rehearing Jesus warning us what was about to happen, seeing in our mind’s eyes the waving of palms on Palm Sunday, feeling the humiliation and angst of being betrayed by a friend, imagining the pain of being nailed to a cross, understanding the emptiness Jesus’ death caused. However, now we know Easter has happened and new life, both Jesus’ and ours has been given. We have the gift of hope. Even in the darkest of hours, we are called to celebrate for we are loved and what lies ahead of us is unimaginable goodness.


    -No Matter What-

        Jesus Lives!

To God be the glory. Alleluia!